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Free Agency Tracker!

Posted by InfinitySports on July 4, 2010 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (0)

The new InfinitySports Free Agency Tracker is here!

This is where free agents from the NBA and NHL are tracked.

You can find it in the drop-down menu under News.

2010 NBA Draft

Posted by InfinitySports on June 24, 2010 at 9:32 PM Comments comments (0)

1. Washington Wizards-                   John Wall

2. Philadelphia 76ers-                      Evan Turner

3. New Jersey Nets-                         Derrick Favors

4. Minnesota Timberwolves-          Wesley Johnson

5. Sacramento Kings-                      DeMarcus Cousins

6. Golden State Warriors-                Ekpe Udoh

7. Detroit Pistons-                             Greg Monroe

8. Los Angeles Clippers-                 Al-Farouq Aminu

9. Utah Jazz-                                       Gordon Hayward

10. Indiana Pacers-                          Paul George

11. New Orleans Hornets-              Cole Aldrich

12. Memphis Grizzlies-                     Xavier Henry

13. Toronto Raptors-                        Ed Davis

14. Houston Rockets-                      Patrick Patterson

15. Milwaukee Bucks-                      Larry Sanders

16. Minnesota Timberwolves-        Luke Babbitt

17. Chicago Bulls-                            Kevin Seraphin

18. Oklahoma City Thunder-           Eric Bledsoe 

19. Boston Celtics-                           Avery Bradley

20. San Antonio Spurs-                   James Anderson

21. Oklahoma City Thunder-          Craig Brackins

22. Portland Trailblazers-               Elliot Williams

23. Minnesota Timberwolves-       Trevor Booker

24. Atlanta Hawks-                           Damion James

25. Memphis Grizzlies-                   Dominique Jones

26. Oklahoma City Thunder-         Quincy Pondexter

27. New Jersey Nets-                     Jordan Crawford

28. Memphis Grizzlies-                   Greivis Vasquez

29. Orlando Magic-                          Daniel Orton

30. Washington Wizards-              Lazar Hayward

The #1 Question for the St. Louis Rams

Posted by Golden State of Mind on May 28, 2010 at 4:36 PM Comments comments (1)

       The lingering question hanging over the St. Louis Rams organization: when should Sam Bradford make his NFL starting debut?

I personally don't think this is much of a question. History shows throwing a rookie QB into the huddle Week 1 isn't as big of a deal analysts are making it. Of course, great quarterbacks like Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers sat the beginning of their careers, but they were mentored by some extraordinary quarterbacks. A.J. Feely isn't exactly the quarterback Joe Montana and Brett Favre were. But recently, many rookie quarterbacks have started week 1. Matt Ryan had a great rookie year and lead his team to the playoffs. Joe Flacco was the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to win two playoff games and Mark Sanchez did the same the following season. Let's also not forget a guy named Peyton Manning made his debut week one.

Another reason Bradford must start week one is because you can't give a guy $45 million to ride the bench. Anyways, what do you have to lose? 6-42 isn't a record to be proud of and Bradford MAY be the one to turn this organization around. The Rams also gave Bradford some help by drafting OT Rodger Saffold in the second round and WR Mardy Gilyard in the fourth. Saffold can help protect Bradford's shoulder and speedster Gilyard can possibly become the #3 receiver if he plays the way he did at Cincinnati. 

Overall, Bradford needs to make his debut week one. You don't pay someone $45 million and give him all these weapons to watch Feely play. If Ryan, Flacco, Sanchez, and even Peyton Manning can do it, give Bradford the chance.

Introducing the Affiliates Page!

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There's a new feature called Affiliates. This feature allows websites that sponsor our website to be sponsored likewise on InfinitySports.

Comment or PM us if you want your website to be InfinitySports' affiliate!

Introducing the new InfinitySports Trade Tracker!

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InfinitySports has a new feature called the Trade Tracker!

You can find all of the newest trades in the Big Four sports: NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB.

Find it under the media page.

Comment if there are any trades we missed!


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NCAA Tournament Field Announced

Posted by InfinitySports on March 15, 2010 at 7:23 PM Comments comments (1)

The 2010 NCAA Tournament field was announced on Selection Sunday.

Super Bowl XLIV

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NFL Conference Finals Game Recaps

Posted by InfinitySports on January 31, 2010 at 11:41 PM Comments comments (0)

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts:

As expected, Peyton Manning and team won the game against Mark Sanchez and the Jets. However, New York didn't go out without a battle. In the first quarter, neither team was able to score. Finally, in the second quarter, Matt Stover got the Colts up 3-0. Only nine seconds later, Mark Sanchez threw the ball to Braylon Edwards for an 80-yard TD. Once again, the Colts were forced to kick a field goal after 4th and goal. However, at the end of the first half, the New York Jets were up 17-14 with two touchdown passes. On the Jets' next drive, Mark Sanchez made a long pass to Jerricho Cotchery and later made a nice short pass to Dustin Keller. The next possession, the Jets stole the ball on a handoff and later were forced to go for a field goal. The Jets were up 17-6. On the next drive for the Colts, Peyton Manning made 2 passes to Austin Collie right down the middle of the field. One of them was over 40 yards, the next was a 19-yard touchdown with a nice catch by Collie. The half ended at 17-13 Jets.



In the second half, the scoring slowed down. In the third quarter, the only points came off of a short 4-yard pass on 1st and goal from Peyton Manning to WR Pierre Garcon. The Colts were now up 20-17. The fourth quarter wasn't much different. Peyton Manning threw yet another touchdown to Dallas Clark, which put the Colts up 27-17. Kicker Matt Stover scored a field goal with 2:29 left in the game. The Jets were not able to score at all in in the second half.

InfinitySports Top Performers:

  • QB Peyton Manning, Colts.

    26-39, 377 yds, 3 TD

  • QB Mark Sanchez, Jets

    17-30, 257 yds, 2 TD   

InfinitySports Top Play of the Game:

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FINAL SCORE: 30-17 Colts.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints:

This game was full of back-and-forth action, without either team leading by more than a touchdown the entire game. In the first quarter, the Saints kept coming at QB Brett Favre, hitting him as much as they could. The first points came from RB Adrian Peterson, dashing through a line of Saints, scoring a 19-yard touchdown run (7-0). RB Pierre Thomas for the Saints answered back with a catch-and-run TD, dodging everything that came at him (7-7). On the next drive, Brett Favre made a nice short pass to WR Sidney Rice for the touchdown (14-7). There would be no more scoring in the first quarter. In the second quarter, QB Drew Brees threw a nice pass to Deverey Henderson, who made a great catch (14-14). With one minute left in the second quarter, Adrian Peterson dropped a hand-off at the Saints' own 5-yard line, allowing New Orleans to try to get the last touchdown in the game. This foreshadowed things to come in the second half. The Saints weren't able to score.

The second half began with a long kick by Ryan Longwell and a long return by Courtney Roby, who made a 61-yard return, dodging everything until rookie Asher Allen brought him down at the Vikings' 37 yard line. Pierre Thomas was able to score in a couple plays on a 9-yard run (14-21). On the Vikings' next possession, Brett Favre made a great pass to Visanthe Shiancoe, who made an amazing catch. Adrian Peterson was able to finish off the drive with a nice short run (21-21). The Saints were forced to punt on their next possession. Minnesota got the ball back. A little later, Brett Favre threw an interception. Remi Ayodele landed on Brett Favre and it seemed like Brett was really hurt. But we're talking about Brett Favre. He slowly got back up and continued to play later. After the interception, the Vikings defense once again forced New Orleans to punt the ball away. On the Vikings' drive, they didn't get really far. They were at the 27 yard line when they tried a trick play where Percy Harvin ran the ball. Percy fumbled the ball. Brett Favre dived for it, but couldn't get it. One second later, Scott Fujita of the Saints also tried to dive for it, landing on Brett Favre and hurting him once again. On the next play, Drew Brees was given a lot of time to throw. He passed it to RB Reggie Bush, who just barely scored a touchdown. The referees called it not a touchdown, but the Saints challenged that, and they changed it to a TD (21-28). On the next drive, the Vikings got to the Saints' 18 yard line. Brett Favre threw a pass to Bernard Berrian, who caught the ball, but then dropped it. The Saints recovered the ball. However, the Vikings' D didn't let the Saints go too far, and forced New Orlenas to punt. The next drive included a long run by Adrian Peterson and a short run for a touchdown (28-28). With 20 seconds left in regulation, the Vikings could have tried to go for a long field goal, but tried to get a closer FG. Brett Favre threw a pass intended for Sidney Rice, but the pass was intercepted by Tracy Porter, who was able to run 26 yards. Drew Brees threw two incomplete passes, which ended regulation. The game was going into overtime!

The Saints won the coin flip, meaning that Ryan Longwell had to start overtime off with a long kick to Pierre Thomas. Thomas ran all the way to the 40 yard line. Drew Brees threw the ball to Marques Colston. However, Asher Allen committed a penalty - holding, so the Saints only gained 5 yards. The Saints got to the Vikings' 41 yard line at 4th and inches, almost within field goal range. They handed the ball off to Pierre Thomas, who tried to jump over Minnesota's defense. The referees made a questionable call by calling it a first down:

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Drew Brees then threw a long pass over the head of TE David Thomas. However, they called an interference on Ben Leber. However, there is no way that David Thomas could have caught that ball, so the call shouldn't have happened.


A couple plays later, K Garrett Harley scored a field goal and ended the historical game for the city of New Orleans (28-31).


InfinitySports Top Performers:

  • QB Drew Brees, Saints.

    17-31, 197 yds, 3 TD

  • RB Adrian Peterson, Vikings. 

    25 Rush, 122 yds 3 TD.

InfinitySports Top Play of the Game:

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FINAL SCORE: 31-28 Saints.

NBA All-Star Game

Posted by InfinitySports on January 25, 2010 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

A while ago, the 10 starters of the NBA All-Star Game were announced:

West All-Stars:

G- Steve Nash

G- Kobe Bryant

F- Carmelo Anthony

F- Tim Duncan

C- Amare Stoudemire

East All-Stars:

G- Allen Iverson

G- Dwyane Wade

F- LeBron James

F- Kevin Garnett

C- Dwight Howard

There is a controversy though, with Allen Iverson being the starting PG for the East. AI is averaging only 14 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds while making the Eastern All-Star team. This is clearly a result of the All-Stars being chosen by the fans, many of which are AI fans.

There are many more deserving canditates than "The Answer." Some include Rajon Rondo, Andre Iguodala, Mo Williams, and Joe Johnson. However, now they're just hoping that they'll make the bench.

Tracy McGrady, who almost started for the West, just barely got beaten by Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns to the All-Star Game. McGrady, a seven-time all-star, has only played 6 games this season, averaging just over 3 points per game. Him being so close was likely due to the many NBA fans in China, who are fans of the Houston Rockets, the team of star Chinese center, Yao Ming.

Because of all of these non-deserving players making or almost making the All-Star game, many people started making their own ideas on how to fix this problem:

Ray Allen, of the Boston Celtics, proposed that the NBA should limit the fans' vote to 50% of the vote, the other half to the players.

One writer offered the NBA to just switch it from "Guards, Forwards, and Centers" to just "Smalls and Bigs" to avoid players like Amare Stoudemire and Tim Duncan being in the wrong categories.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, offered that voting in arenas should be double the amount of the other locations voted from (Internet, etc...).

Some people proposed to have eligibility requirements so players that play less than half of their team's games would not be allowed to play in the All-Star Game.

Many people would like to expand the rosters of the All-Star teams to allow more players that deserve to play, play.

A writer proposed to have one player from each team play, with 15 players on each roster. This, however, could make great players not be able to participate in the All-Star Game.

This is my proposal, very similar to the last one:

Expand the rosters to 15 players. There must be a player from at least 12 Teams for each All-Star team. This way, players from at least 24 out of the 30 teams will be able to play, and also allowing great players that wouldn't be able to play in the All-Star Game because of another great player on their team to play.

What do you guys think?


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